• Tracey Cox talks to Female First about Dare!

    What's your biggest fantasy? Would you ever act upon it?

    Tracey Cox's latest book Dare! explores the fantasies of real women, and tells the true stories of happened when they were transformed into realities.

    Why do women often feel ashamed and embarrassed about having a fantasy?

    Because women don't like to admit to the lusty, 'filthy' side to their sexuality that absolutely exists. There's lots of recent research that proves once and for all that women are just as voracious about new sexual experiences as men are. That's always been clear if you study women's fantasies: we're not hankering after romantic sexual encounters but very rude ones!

    What's the most common fantasy?

    Sleeping with a woman. Either with or without him present!

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    Sexting: the dos and don'ts!

    These days nearly everyone has access to a computer, a smartphone or a tablet and it's becoming increasingly affordable to run them.

    So it's no surprise that sending naughty messages (or 'sexting') has suddenly seen a huge surge in popularity, especially amongst young people.

    But what are the greater implications of sexting, and when (if ever) is it appropriate to do it?

    Tracey talks to the Huffington Post this week on the things you need to consider before sending a cheeky photo to someone you fancy.

    "Even the nicest guy won't be able to resist showing off if you look hot.

    Keep it erotic rather than pornographic and remember a hint of something can be far sexier than showing everything.

    I'd recommend it to couples who trust each other but would be hugely cautious otherwise."

    You can read the full article here.

    How to make your sexual fantasy come trueLast week bloggers Em and Lo featured an excerpt from Tracey Cox's Dare: What Happens When Fantasies Come True.

    This week the pair spoke to Tracey in a frank and honest interview about her book, the importance of fantasies and how to go about making them come true.

    "EM & LO: What is the most common fantasy that women would actually want to come true?

    Experimenting with another woman, followed closely by sleeping with a stranger.

    It's a myth that it's only men who want variety and new flesh. Women do, too.

    What stops us is we're more inclined to think things through – and if the relationship is good, lots of women decide the risk of following through and cheating outweighs the benefits.

    The desire is there, though. Definitely!"

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    Tracey talks to Ems and Lo about fantasies.

    Tracey Cox speaks to American bloggers Em and Lo about why fantasies are so important to our sexual wellbeing.

    Describing her as 'fabulous and funny', Oprah Winfrey-endorsed Em and Lo shared an extract from Dare: What Happens When Fantasies Come True, Tracey's new erotic novel with a twist.

    Exploring the often fine line between fantasy and reality, Dare follows real stories from women brave enough to bring their sexual dreams to life, what happened as a result, and why having fantasies is so important in the first place.

    "Think of your fantasies as a vibrator for the mind. There are a finite number of possible physical combinations of what we can do with our bodies, but our minds are limitless. Your imagination is the single, most potent engine driving sexual desire."

    You can read the full article and extract here.

    How to have great sex in a heatwaveHow to have sex in a heatwave.

    The weather is still glorious and it's getting us all hot and bothered – in a good way!

    With July and August voted the sexiest months to get frisky, Tracey Cox spoke to both Cosmopolitan and the Metro this week, offering her top tips on how to keep sex steamy without overheating.

    According to Tracey, it's all about taking it slow and finding ways to make sex cool and airy.

    Read the full Cosmopolitan and Metro articles and get the lowdown on perfecting your summer loving.

    Tracey Cox Hot Sex featured in The Guardian

    With glorious weather comes significantly less clothing, which, Tracey claims, means we're feeling the heat in more ways than one.

    As Britain experiences a heatwave, the Guardian's Lifestyle & Sex column this week features 'Hot Sex' by Tracey Cox, in which the Sexpert summarises her lessons for enjoying safe and satisfying summer loving.

    "Everything seems to slow down when you're hot, so that is quite good, sexually, for women – you might focus less on intercourse, and more on something like a lazy oral sex session.

    Now's the time to have sex in the shower, now's the time to lie outside in the back garden and hose yourself off.

    The other thing about the heat is it does increase your sex drive because you're seeing people wandering around without much on."

    Tracey offers her advice for having sex during a heatwave – including how to reduce the risk of lazy Pimms-filled pub afternoons affecting your lovemaking.

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    Tracey talks to the Irish Independent

    Tracey Cox shares her thoughts on fantasy, Irish attitudes to sex and how bringing your deepest desires to life doesn't always go to plan.

    The article in the Irish Independent asks:

    "How many how of us are groaning at the fact our sex lives are nothing like the titillating scenes portrayed in print?

    Before you weep into the pages of your 'mummy porn' or turn the spare bedroom into a sex dungeon, it might be wise to read Dare: What Happens When Fantasies Become True by Tracey Cox."

    With the erotica boom still swinging, the Irish newspaper asked why Tracey's new book Dare seems to break the mould so much.

    Tracey says: "It started me wondering if all these fantasy books meant more people were actually living out their fantasies?

    The answer is yes, they are, but often with car-crash results. That was the story I wanted to write, the one that reflected real life."

    You can read the full article here.

    Tracey Cox shares the soundtrack of her life

    Sex expert Tracey Cox chats to online magazine High50, sharing the tracks which have shaped her life, rouse powerful memories and make her dance for hours.

    What is your 'falling in love' track?

    Any song becomes a falling in love track when you're besotted. I remember hearing an old REO Speedwagon song, 'Keep On Loving You' when I was out to lunch with a girlfriend and thinking "Bloody hell! I'm in love!". It was unexpected and rather lovely and I'm still enjoying the relationship.

    Your 'heartbreak' track?

    I avoid all music when I'm heartbroken because it all makes me sad. I hole up and cherry pick movies and box sets and don't come out until my heart has healed. Music is too evocative and stirring to risk listening to when heartbroken!  

    What track evokes your parents?

    The Rolling Stones makes me think of my father because we'd play them so often when we were together. Ike and Tina Turner's 'Nutbush City Limits' reminds me of mum because I'd make her do that silly dance with me. Bless her for indulging me!

    What track is your guilty pleasure?

    Cheesy Eighties tracks get me every time! 

    Read the full article on the High50 website.

    Tracey Cox Interview in The SunIn celebration of those cringe-worthy moments, sex guru and author Tracey Cox has put together 30 real-life fantasy experiences in her new book Dare: What Happens When Fantasies Come True.

    She says: “Admit it or not, everyone has sexual fantasies. They are glossy, perfect versions of what might happen if we acted out idealised scenarios.

    “Some people ignore their fantasies but others are brave enough to try them out.”

    Despite all the case studies being anonymous, Tracey clarifies that the women in her book aren’t “young, out-there twentysomethings” but are, in fact, normal women of all ages.

    One of the stories is actually HER OWN experience - although she won’t reveal which one...

    Read the full article on The Sun website.

    Welcome to my brand new website!

    I’m launching a new book, new product range and brand spanking new website all at the same time - and I’m very excited about all my new ventures!

    The new website is much more dynamic with content changing constantly to bring you up to date on all that’s happening in my world of sex, love and relationships.

    You’ll be kept up to date on all my columns, new products in my range, new books and relevant articles as well as snippets of what’s happening on facebook and twitter.

    You can also send me questions, which I’ll answer each week and leave feedback on all my projects.

    My new book Dare: What Happens When Fantasies Come True is now on sale. It’s an entertaining collection of 30 real women’s experiences of what happened when they decided to turn their sex fantasies into reality. You can read Dare on two different levels. Focus on the ‘fantasy’ part and it’s glossy, solo-sex inspiring erotica, switch to the ‘reality’ and it turns into a thoroughly entertaining read that’s both funny and car-crash fascinating! I loved writing it and hope you enjoy reading it!

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