Four great anal sex positions

Anal sex positions can be a lot more imaginative than doing it doggy style. If you’re up for some anal action, try any (or all) of these.

If you’re never tried anal sex before, do both of you a favour and read the Anal Sex Prep Guide first but if you’re an old hand, all you need is lots of (good quality) anal lube, a wicked glint in your eye and maybe the odd piece of furniture!

Lap dancer

anal sex on a chair

If she’s nervous about anal sex, this puts her in control of the speed and depth of penetration. You need a very stable chair without arms for this one. He sits on it, she guides his penis inside, then carefully pushes back until he’s fully penetrated. She then lifts herself up and down to rock on his penis.

Why it’s great: He can reach forward to stimulate her clitoris or play with her breasts. If he enjoys testicular stimulation, he can slightly spread his legs while she reaches down to return the favour.

Bad bunny

anal sex positions doggy style

If he stays close to her, penetration is shallow, making anal intercourse possible if he’s on the big side. This works better on a hard surface so skip the bed and instead get on the floor. She kneels in front and lifts her bottom high so he can penetrate.

Why it’s great: Another great position if you’re new to anal, the fact that you are both so stable means it’s easy for him to hold a medium-sized vibrator on her clitoris during the deed. While this position has no eye contact, the large contact point means it can still feel like an intimate experience.

Take the plunge

Anal sex position him on top

Him on top positions work well for anal intercourse because they’re so versatile. It’s the position of her legs that makes all the difference with this position. For deep penetration, she should put her legs on his shoulders – the higher and further back she puts them, the deeper he can plunge.

Why it’s great: Put a pillow under her hips for easier access and he’s perfectly positioned to use a rocking/grinding thrusting motion that’s gentle for both. This also works for couples who regularly have anal sex and prefer old-fashioned, go-for-it thrusting.

Dirty dance

Anal sex position legs behind head

Here’s another one that works for experienced couples. She lies face up then brings her knees up to her chin. He kneels in front and penetrates, she straightens her legs and rests them on one of his shoulders, pulling one leg back so it’s bent. She holds onto the back of his thighs and he grips her for balance.

Why it’s great: She can ‘dance’ on his penis by alternating her legs, massaging it with a unique rolling sensation. He looks manly and has a great view of her breasts and there’s lots of sexy eye contact.

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