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Three women tell all (plus how to get your mojo back)

"The baby arrived and my sex drive left"

Saucier, sassier and more provocative

The award-winning podcast

The home of honest, non-judgemental, no-nonsense sex and relationship advice to help you happily navigate the tricky bits – and keep your sex life scandalously good.

I think of myself as the ‘go between’. My job is to look at current sex research and work out how it can help the average couple improve their sex life.

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All the products in my Edge and Supersex ranges look great, work effectively and come with full instructions in stylish packaging.

The all-new SexTok is back!

The multi-award winning podcast has had a revamp. It’s going to be sexier and sassier, with no-holds-barred answers to all your sex dilemmas.

My new co-host is Kelsey Chittick, a writer and comic. She’s in her 40s and out there dating again after 21 years of marriage. Kelsey is as funny as hell and, together, we offer up real, honest and reassuring sex advice on all the problems we face today.

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