Divorced Not Dea‪d

Caroline Stanbury is divorced, not dead. She’s here to let you know that not only is there life after divorce – it can be your best one yet! We chat about everything from why the older woman/younger man combo works to why being desired is way more important than orgasms.

The Meaningful Life

Andrew G. Marshall is a couple’s therapist who’s written 20 books on couple relationships. We talk about the role of sex and desire and how it helps to lead a meaningful life.

The Sit Down podcast

This podcast with 19-year-old Sander Segers is all about sex and young people. If you want honest answers on what’s in store, this is the one to watch!

The Happy Menopause podcast

Nutritional therapist and author Jackie Lynch has an excellent website and podcasts based on how to manage menopause. Here we talk about how to boost your libido and have great sex in midlife.

Tonic talksTonic is a new Australian magazine website for women over 45 ‘who refuse to fade away and who call it as they see it’. I chat regularly about sex and relationships.

What to do if your partner isn’t interested in sex anymore, advice on sex after menopause and why women want MORE adventurous sex, not less, as they get older.

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Youtube clips
Does penis size matter?

It’s the question men ask me the most, so here’s my honest opinion. Is big really best? And how big is the average penis anyway?

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Is it normal for a woman to want sex less now than she did in her 20s? Why our sex drive falls with age and what can be done to boost it.

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Why most couples had LESS sex during lockdown, not more

Is there such a thing as too much time with your partner? Actually, yes! Couples need separation in order for lust to survive.

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Painful sex and how to deal with it

What do you do when sex is painful? Here’s some simple solutions and options to make sex more comfortable.

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Why great sex starts at 50

Here’s an interview on my new book, Great Sex Starts at 50, on The Jeremy Vine Show

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How to tell your partner their sex skills need improving

It’s awkward to address but has to be done. Here’s some tips on confronting this sensitive issue.

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