Here’s how to have the hottest solo sex session you’ve ever had

Most solo sex sessions are rushed: we feel aroused so grab our vibe, turn it on and a few minutes later, that’s that.

You’re missing a trick if that’s all you ever do.

Truth is, sex with yourself can be the best sex of all. Especially if you’re a female. Who knows your body – what you want, where, how, when and for how long – better than the person who’s on the other end of those nerve endings!

Next time you fancy a bit of self loving, be experimental. Retire that tried-and-true routine now and then and you’ll not only find out more about your body and what feels good, you’ll have a way better time.

Here’s how. 

Try a new position

If you always masturbate lying on your back with your legs open, try standing or lie sideways or squat over the vibrator. This puts pressure and vibration on different areas of the vulva, stimulating parts of the erectile tissue of the clitoris that are hidden from view.

The orgasm can feel very different.

Watch porn you haven’t watched before

Have a favourite porn video that always gets you off? A section of a hot book that’s guaranteed to get you going? Try something new – a new category of porn, a different type of erotica. Branch out to see what else turns you on and you might just happen upon something new you’d like to try in real life.

Have sex with your sofa

Remember when you were a teenager and used to hump your partner’s leg?

Straddle the arm of a stuffed chair or sofa (put a towel or blanket over it first). Grind in small circles until you find the spot where the pressure feels best and keep going until you orgasm.

Try a new toy

Nearly all women have one vibrator they use nearly all of the time: the old-faithful that takes us to a climax quickly, reliably and in under three minutes.

Not all orgasms are the same – but you will get the same type of orgasm if you continue to use the same style of vibrator.

If your favourite is a wand, try a strong bullet vibe for more focused stimulation; if you love a bullet, try a clitoral suction vibe.

Add some anal

Insert a butt plug and leave it in place before using your vibrator for a unique and intense ‘filled up’ feeling. If you’re feeling particularly up for it, insert the plug, then your rabbit, letting the ears tickle your clitoris while the shaft rotates for a thrilling three-way.

Try a new combination

Insert an egg vibrator deep inside and have that buzzing away while you stimulate the clitoris with a bullet or classic style vibe. Insert a G-spot vibe then work on your clitoris old-style, using your fingers; or attach some nipple clamps before using your vibe in the usual way.

Film yourself

It’s the ultimate sex selfie – and one you can delete immediately afterwards if you don’t want to send it to your lover or keep it to masturbate to later.

It’s the act of filming that makes this so hot – it’s kind of risqué but without any risk (if you delete it) and you’re in control of the angles and focus, so can ensure you look extra sexy, making it a confidence boost as well.

Call your lover

Either before you start or just as you’re nearing a climax.

Especially effective if they’re in public, can’t say a word their end and have to hide their excitement.