How can I help to stop premature ejaculation?


How can I help to stop premature ejaculation?


PE (premature ejaculation) is when a man orgasms too quickly for his, or his partner’s enjoyment.

This might mean anything from five thrusts to 15 minutes, depending on who’s involved! So don’t buy into the myth that women need you to go on and on… And on.

Marathon intercourse sessions aren’t what impress women – quite frankly, you’d be better off doing tongue-press-ups because most of us have our orgasms via oral sex rather than penetration!

If you seriously do only last a minute or a few minutes though, there’s lots you can do…

First up, masturbate as much as you can (particularly before a sex session) and have sex as often as you can.

The more often you ejaculate, the less sensitive you’ll be. A lot of PE problems are solved once you’re in a relationship where you’re having regular sex.

If you’re 18 and haven’t got a girlfriend, it’s understandable if you almost lose it after a satisfying squeeze of a particularly fit woman’s breasts!

One of the best ‘hands-on’ techniques is the ‘stop-start’ technique.

This basically involves stopping moving the second you feel you’re getting out of control while inside her, waiting for a few seconds or minutes, then starting thrusting again.

It works best if you practise holding off during masturbation, then try it while she stimulates you with her hand before doing the same thing while inside her.

It takes practice but it does work!

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