How do I give my partner a prostate massage?


What’s a prostate massage? My new partner wants me to give him one and I agreed because I didn’t want to look stupid but I actually have no idea what it is! Can you tell me what it is and how to do one?


The prostate gland is inside his anus but it can be massaged externally as well as internally. Wait until he’s aroused, then, using your index and middle fingertips, try rhythmically massaging the perineum (the smooth, hairless area between his anus and testicles), experimenting with different pressure, stroking and pressing techniques.

If he seems open to being stimulated internally, and you’re also happy to do it, use some water-based lube and gradually insert your finger inside his anus around an inch or so. Feel around along the wall of the rectum facing his tummy and try to find a round bulb of tissue. This is the prostate. You can then try stroking it quite firmly.

Most women combine this with oral sex or using your hand on him. Lovehoney sell lots of prostate massagers if you/he’d prefer to use a toy. Try the Aneros MGX Prostate Massager.

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