How to use anal beads

Tracey Cox Silicone Anal Bead Prober

Anal beads look like something your three-year-old would play with but they’re becoming very popular with couples looking for something other than your standard sex toy.

There’s still a bit confusion though, about when and how to use them so I thought a bit of explanation would be a good idea. The good thing about using beads: they feel good on the way in and on the way out.

But – as with anything that’s being inserted into the rectum – you do need to approach things carefully and gently. The rectum tears easily and isn’t self-lubricating, so the first thing to do is to make sure you have some good quality lube. Anal lube is a better choice simply because it’s heavy duty and stays slippery for longer. Make sure there’s lots on both the opening of the anus (use the tip of your finger to put some inside as well) and on the beads as well.

There are several kinds of anal beads. Some are plastic and joined by a nylon chord. Others are silicone and connect without a string. Buy the best quality you can afford when it comes to beads (which basically means go for the silicone ones if you can!). You don’t want any rough edges (if you find any, file them smooth using an emery board) and nylon chords are hard to keep clean (and you will want to keep these scrupulously clean!).

Wait until you’re both aroused, add lots of lube, then slowly insert the beads, one by one, into the anus, stopping to allow the body to get used to the feeling before pushing them in further. They may feel uncomfortable initially but should never feel painful. You can insert them, leave them in place and continue having sex (intercourse, oral sex or using fingers or a vibe on other areas), pulling them out just before orgasm just once in the session. Or you can insert and pull them out several times in succession, making them the beads the main event.

They feel good when they go in but most intense feeling is experienced when you pull the beads out and they pass along the two ringed sphincter muscles, triggering intensely pleasurable sensations. Lots of guides say to pull the beads out rapidly, but the rectum is delicate and easy to damage and only seasoned, skilled users should attempt this. Far better to pull them out gently but faster than you insert. You can pull the beads out as you approach orgasm, just before or as you orgasm. Or at any time during foreplay really – the choice is yours!

Always cover the beads with a condom if you’re sharing them and never insert anally then directly into the vagina without washing first. To keep your beads clean, warm in warm, soapy water and rinse several times before drying thoroughly.