Help! He Wants Me To Swallow

This is the first of a series of blogs designed to transform your love life with instant, easy fixes for common couple sex complaints. What do I do if he wants me to swallow?

First up, don’t even dream of doing it unless he’s been tested for HIV and STI’s – all it takes is a little cut in your mouth and you’re infected.

Secondly, if you really don’t want to do it – don’t. Not swallowing doesn’t mean his oral sex experience is ruined. But if it’s a trusted partner and you sort of don’t mind, how about giving it a go? Semen’s just protein and sugar – it’s harmless (and no, it won’t make you put on weight.) You could try it once.

If it’s the taste that puts you off, it’s probably his diet.

The healthier the diet, the better he’ll taste. (Pineapple juice is supposed to make him taste sweet, though this old wives tale’s not terribly specific about when and how much he’s supposed to drink it.)

If you do decide to swallow:

When you feel him about to orgasm, position his penis so it’s way back in your mouth. It’s easier to swallow in one gulp and you’ll bypass the top of your tongue, which is where your taste buds are. Or aim it toward the inside of your cheek and swallow quickly.

If you actually like swallowing (and it’s not that rare, by the way!) try holding his pelvis in both hands when he’s near orgasm and rock him toward you so he goes deep into your mouth as he ejaculates.

Another technique is to pretend to swallow:

By keeping your mouth or lips lightly over the tip of his penis and pressing your tongue gently against the slit at the top as he ejaculates. Continue to milk his penis with your hand and simply let the semen drip out of your mouth and down the shaft. It feels quite nice for him because it’s super-slippery and is a good compromise: he’s sort of come in your mouth but you haven’t had to swallow.

The other option is to say ‘I want you to come all over me, wherever you want’. And mean it. Let him let loose on your breasts, your face, your neck, in your hair. As he’s doing it, say ‘God that’s a turn on’.

The infamous pearl necklace:

This involves you putting lube on your breasts, pushing them together and slipping his penis in between. He thrusts – if you can reach, lick his penis as it pops out the top (this works or soooo doesn’t, depending on how big your breasts are and how big he is). When he ejaculates the semen ends up around your neck, just like a pearl necklace. Except not a terribly permanent or expensive one.

Of course if you feel uncomfortable with the above, you can simply remove your mouth while you keep working him with your hand, and let him ejaculate that way.

*Next week: What to do if he prefers watching porn to having sex

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