Edge: my new product range to help boost men’s sexual performance

Tracey Cox is proud to introduce EDGE: her brand new range of performance-enhancing sex toys and tools designed specifically for men.

EDGE is a collection of sex toys created for men looking to increase their stamina in the bedroom. Perfect for use alone or with a partner, the EDGE toys and sex accessories are designed to offer measurable results to your stamina, strength and sexual performance.

Tracey is set to introduce her range through a series of videos, each one designed to inform and address a range of common sex queries and myths, from what penis pumps are for to tips for lasting longer in bed.

Whether you’re experimenting with toys for the first time or are a seasoned player looking to boost your stamina in the bedroom, EDGE offers a selection of products as well as practical information to help you enhance your sex life.

Check out Tracey’s EDGE collection to discover how this new range for men can boost pleasure and performance during solo and shared use.

Q: Your supersex collection for men and women has been hugely successful. What makes the new EDGE collection different to supersex?

A: Supersex is aimed at women and couples. EDGE is the first mainstream range of sex toys designed for men. It’s also the first range designed to improve men’s performance in bed and make them last longer. It’s not just about pleasure!

Q: Who is your range suitable for?

A: Any man, straight or gay, who wants to be better in bed. It doesn’t matter what age you are, the better care you take of your penis, the better it’s going to perform. All the range is designed to enhance stamina and make men last longer during intercourse.

Exotica by Eden Bradley

Q: Where did you get the inspiration for the EDGE range from?

A: I’ve been writing, researching and talking about sex in my books and on television and radio world-wide for the last 25 years. I get asked the same questions from men over and over. Am I big enough? Am I hard enough? How do I last longer? EDGE addresses all three of men’s top concerns.

Q: What is your top tip for men looking to improve their sexual performance and stamina?

A: Your penis and erections are like the rest of your body: the better you take care of it and the more you ‘workout’, the better it will perform. Also, when you’re having sex, focus on what you’re feeling. Men are visual, so it helps if you close your eyes now and then to really feel the changes that are happening to your body as you build toward orgasm. The better you know these changes – called ‘orgasm triggers’ – the better you’ll be able to control when you ejaculate.

Q: Men can be a little shy when it comes to sex toys. What toy from the range would you recommend to a first timer?

A: The Vibrating Stamina Ring is a good start. It’s a penis ring that he wears during intercourse to keep him firmer for longer and to provide stimulation to her clitoris. The result – she has more orgasms during his favourite thing – intercourse – and both of you are happy! It’s a good couple’s toy that initiates him into the world of sex toys. The Intense Stimulation Stamina Sleeve is also a great one to start with. All of my male friends who’ve never used a sleeve are like "Why hasn’t someone told me about these before. They’re amazing!". They’re also fab for partners to use on him – it turns an ordinary hand-job into something quite extraordinary!

Q: Which item in the EDGE range are you most proud of?

A: Probably the Stamina and Enhancing Pump. My friends who are sex therapists swear using the pump regularly is absolutely the best way to ensure erections are firm and healthy and reliable. You go to the gym to keep your body healthy and looking good. This is the equivalent for the penis.

Tracey Cox EDGE Ultimate Performance Stamina Enhancing Penis Pump

Q: How can the EDGE range be incorporated into a couple’s sex life?

A: Nearly all of the products – the lube, sleeve, vibrating ring and both penis rings – can easily be incorporated into both foreplay or intercourse. A partner can use the sleeve on him to intensify hand-jobs; the rings are used during intercourse to make him last longer and stay harder and lube makes everything feel better. He’ll probably use the penis pump solo – but the benefits will be enjoyed by both of you!

Q: Why did you decide to collaborate with Lovehoney on this range?

A: I have a long-lasting and brilliant relationship with Lovehoney and wouldn’t trust any other company to deliver the results and quality they do.

Q: What makes Lovehoney different from other companies that you have worked with?

A: They’re the only company that seems to really understand how our sexual response system works and have a genuine desire to make their customers happy sexually.

Q: Do you plan on expanding on the EDGE range, and where will you take it?

A: Absolutely. This is the first stage and I have many, many ideas up my sleeve for the future…