Seven steps to giving him great oral

1. You need access to his testicles, anus and perineum as well as to be able to grasp the base of the penis and slide the other hand up and over. In other words, you need room.

Also make sure you’re not at an angle where your hand’s going to end up in a weird position and get twisted or cramped…

2. It’s all about height. Use stairs, pillows or pieces of furniture to align his bits with your mouth.

3. Use your hand as well as your mouth. It avoids that dreadfully embarrassing bobbing-for-apples moment when you first put him in your mouth. Slide your hand up and down with your mouth following in hot pursuit.

4. Create good suction but don’t suck. (I know, schoolgirl error, but just in case you’ve been locked in a nunnery for the past ten years.)

5. Relax the muscles in your jaw and neck and push your lips out rather than pull them in to cover your teeth.

6. Start slow and gentle, work up to fast and firm and keep a consistent rhythm.

7. Concentrate stimulation on the head of the penis, the most sensitive part, but do take all of him in your mouth now and then for porn appeal.