How to have sex in public

It’s all about the situation: he’s immune to seeing you naked pre-bedtime, but a flash of thigh by the roadside is unexpectedly voyeuristic. Learn how to have sex outside the confines of your home, without being arrested for indecent exposure!

The secret to loving lustily in the long term is to surprise each other sexually. Take sex outside of the bedroom and passion is instantly renewed. But although sex on the car bonnet might seem raw and unromantic when you’ve a big, soft bed to roll around in contrast is key.

Standing positions are better for high-risk outdoors sex as you can easily extricate yourselves from the situation and make a run for it! Stand with your back to him, bend over and grab your legs or the nearest available surface. With him slipping his trousers down just a tad and you lifting your skirt, he can penetrate you and stimulate that nerve-packed God-that-feels-good front vaginal wall.

Sex in the midst’s of nature is fun as you don’t have to think about long term comfort. Fields, hedgerows, bushes and forests can be amazing locations but are not for the shy and retiring. If you’re worried about being exposed, find a barn on a quiet farm and enjoy the shelter from the elements and prying eyes.

Choose your time carefully. Waking your partner up in the middle of the night, the day before an important business meeting is not going to end well. Wait for the weekend and take short naps throughout the day to build up your energy for later. Remember – early mornings are great for urban escapades as the streets are deserted but farmers get up at the crack of dawn to start work so avoid fields and country lanes between 3 and 7am!