Sex positions for disabled lovers

I believe that everyone should be able to enjoy a fun and fulfilling sex life. So I was disappointed to find that there is a distinct lack of practical information out there when it comes to making sex comfortable and possible for physically disabled lovers.

This week’s blog post is therefore all about sex positions and aids that help to make sex and physical intimacy as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Why not try these 3 positions to get you started?

Spooning: You both lie side by side on a bed or the floor with him penetrating from behind, his chest against her (or his) back. She puts a pillow between her knees to keep the top leg up without straining. Ideal because there’s no real physical stress on either person.

The Lapdance: This is a position that works well for people in wheelchairs and women with hip flexibility limitations. He’s seated in an upright chair while she sits on his lap, facing away from him.

Scissors: Your legs ‘scissor’ each other so the genitals connect. You’ll need a large bed or area to achieve this one (both your heads are at opposite ends to each other) but it’s great for people with hip and knee flexibility problems.

Aids to help keep you comfy:

There are also lots of aids to help support you while you’re in position for intercourse or oral sex. Sex swings can make so many more positions and activities possible. Comfort position straps are strong straps (rather like a seatbelt!) that allow a more able-bodied partner to provide support for the less able bodied partner. The person taking the rear position can pull their other half towards them. Or if you’ve got more strength in your arms than hips, you can pull your partner up to meet you, rather than use your hips to thrust downward. Sex mats or slippery sheets can help make moving around easier, plus a good quality lube makes certain positions easier to achieve.

Specially designed sex furniture – like the ‘Liberator’ range are designed to help support different body bits and make hard-to-do positions far more comfortable and achievable. If you’ve got the cash, it’s worth splashing out because the pieces are often gorgeous (no-one needs to know what it’s for – it’s not obvious). But remember you can DIY rather than fork out by using big, firm pillows and existing furniture, stairs, kitchen benches…. Locking suction foot rests and handles are designed for sex in the shower but brilliant for holding a position that’s a bit uncomfortable.

Large massage wands are well worth trying too. A wand provides strong vibrations – powerful enough to bring you to orgasm simply by clamping it between your thighs. You can also lie on top of it. The massage wand is a great all-round choice for those with limited motility.

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