Sex spy: what’s the best sex you’ve ever had?

Was it bedding the person you’d been lusting after for years? Having sex somewhere you definitely shouldn’t? Ticking something off the sex bucket list? Or doing it in a position or place that couldn’t be beaten?

I asked a broad cross-section of people to tell me their hottest sex and this is what they ‘fessed up!


It sounds like something out of a movie but I actually had a threesome with two bridesmaids after my best mate’s wedding. We were all drunk, young, and didn’t want the night to end. We’d been in a hot tub and were so primed for sex it wasn’t funny. I couldn’t choose between the two girls and said so. That’s when one girl went over the other, kissed her, and said, ‘Who says you have to choose? Have both of us.’ They had it all planned. Not that I was complaining!
Jose, 39

She was streets ahead of any other girl I’ve slept with because she clearly loved sex so much. She was a total hedonist. Her idea of the perfect day was a three course lunch with tons of wine, an hour’s sleep, then sex for the rest of the day and night. She was up for trying everything I suggested but it was the way she responded when I touched, licked or penetrated her that made it so awesome. Her eyes would practically roll back in ecstasy and you could tell she was right there in the moment. Some girls aren’t. It’s so bloody obvious when they’re thinking about something else and just putting up with you. She’s just as amazing five years on.
Nikin, 28

It would have to be the girl who changed my mind on blow-jobs. I’d listen to all the other guys going on and on about how getting head from a girl was the ultimate, but all the head-jobs I’d ever had didn’t do much for me at all. Then I ended up in bed with this girl and she converted me in five minutes. She used her mouth, her hand and her tongue – God knows what she was doing but it was amazing. I’d never experienced anything like it before. Sadly, I haven’t since either.
Leon, 23

This is the first time I’ve clicked sexually with someone I love. My other girlfriends seemed scared of me. I like exploring and while I’m romantic out of bed, not so much in it. My new wife looks innocent but is wicked and that keeps me hooked. I reckon that’s what all guys want: a woman who is filthy in bed but looks classy.
Jayden, 23


It was a black guy I slept with. He treated my body completely differently than any other guy has. He seemed to know how everything worked and immersed himself in pleasing me. It was all about me, not him. He was the only person who has ever made me orgasm and actually ejaculate through front wall stimulation. He even thrust differently, he held me so my pelvis was tight against his and ground himself into me, rather than thrusting in and out. Sadly, he was dull as could be out of bed. But by God, he was good in it.
Rachel, 22

I’m straight (well, maybe bi-curious is more accurate) but my best sex was with a woman. My boyfriend at the time was desperate for a  threesome and I figured why not? I’d always been attracted to the idea of sleeping with another woman but was too nervous to do it solo and too jealous to do it with someone I actually loved because I hate sharing. I was incredibly nervous at the time (it was a friend of his that I hadn’t met but had seen pictures of) but about 100 drinks in, I lost all inhibition and went for it. We kissed for hours and her mouth felt so different to a man’s. So soft. She went down on me and it was a completely different sensation to a man. Her tongue was so small and soft and she knew not to do it too hard. I came so hard!
Megan, 25

My best lover was a guy I was with purely for sex. I always tend to have better sex with guys I don’t care that much about – I think because I’m not afraid to try new things with them. We were fond of each other, but we both knew sex was the reason we were there. He would tell me graphic fantasies about what it would be like if we had another woman in the bed. The running commentary made me orgasm in half the time it took with other men. He was also into exploring me anally with his tongue and fingers. I loved it with him but haven’t gone there with any boyfriends since.
Harriet, 34

People say it’s boring not to have variety and that’s it’s the most dreadful thing in the world to sleep with the same person forever, but I see it as a positive. It’s reassuring, not boring. I’m also quite insecure about my body so would find it incredibly difficult to expose myself to a new person who might be critical. I can’t imagine stripping for a stranger, I’d be terrified! One partner for life is a huge plus of monogamy for me.
Riya, 41

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