Why fast sex is often great sex

If you don’t have time for a prolonged sex session or don’t particularly want one, give in to the oh-so-sweet pleasures of fast, hasty sex of any form.

Done at the right time with the right partner, quickies can be equally, if not more, satisfying than those marathon sex sessions.

The trick is both of you being in the same turned-on mood at the same time.

This is one instance where you can forget everything I’ve told you about spending time on foreplay: the whole appeal of a quickie is that it happens spontaneously and the only foreplay you need is ‘Let’s do it’.

One word of warning though: a quickie quickly turns from erotically exotic to furiously frustrating if it’s the way you have sex every time. 

Quickies work best…

When you’re both semi-clothed. If you’re prepared to take your clothes off, you’re not impatient enough to enjoy one. Ripping them off is a different story.

When they’re spontaneous. Both of you have a sudden urge at the same time.

When you’re both working hard, are too tired for extended sex sessions but want to keep the fires hot.

When she initiates it. Men often feel like fast sex, so he’ll be especially turned on if you’re the one to suggest it.

If your sex life is dull and needs an instant lift.

If one or both of you are a little anxious that you’re not performing up to par. Quick sex takes the pressure off and lets animal instinct take over.

When you’re dying to have sex but you don’t have time to indulge for long.

If you want to have sex in (semi) public. You need to be brave though! Sex in public requires nerve – and common sense. Setting up your beach umbrella next to a child innocently building a sandcastle is asking for trouble. But a deserted, out of the way beach is well worth the risk. Anxiety heightens desire. The problem with long-term love is that sex is too easy: it’s available 24/7. Snuggled up spooning in your beds, sex is but a whispered invitation or a hopeful hand on a thigh away. Convenient, yes, but not terribly exciting. You’re not supposed to have sex outside and this is exactly why it amplifies every touch, making it seem a dozen times sweeter than it would indoors.


You’re in a park and people aren’t so far away? If she’s got a skirt on, pull her panties to one side, she sits on your lap (you can unzip under the cover of her skirt) and uses her hands to guide you inside. Settle in for a loving kiss. Thrusting is a dead giveaway: instead she squeezes and releases her pelvic floor muscles. People walking past will assume you’re a couple at the romantic start of your relationship, little knowing what’s really going on!

Try doing it in a chair – even better, his or your office chair when no-one else is around (don’t even think about it if there’s a chance of anyone interrupting – it’s not worth losing a job or reputation over). You lie back in the chair, he kneels in front of you. Wrap your legs around his bottom.

Don’t restrict ‘quickies’ to intercourse. Give her oral sex as she’s about to walk out the door to meet a friend (leave her clothes on, just pull her knickers to one side); give him the best fellatio he’s had in the same situation.

Rear-entry positions require minimal undressing.You standing up, facing him, against a wall is another alternative (if your heights match up okay). Stand on one leg and hook the other around him for balance and deeper penetration.

Quickies are quick: you could have done it in the two minutes you spent hesitating, one hand on the door knob. Give into desire, even if you are both dressed to go out and your friends are waiting patiently at a bar.