10 new ideas to get the most out of your anal toys

This is a series of posts designed to make sure you’re getting the most out of all the sex toys you own. All too often they get relegated to one purpose: what they’re best for.

While every sex toy does have a prime purpose, they’re all far more versatile than you think.

Here’s some fresh new ideas to help you make the most of all your sex toys so you get maximum value and pleasure out of every purchase!

It might be a butt plug, it might be a dildo, it might be a prostate massager or a simple anal vibrator – whatever it is you own, the fact that the toy is inserted anally, means the rest of your erogenous zones are free to also be stimulated.

You’re limited only by your imagination with anal toys!

Use lube that’s especially for anal use Unlike the vagina, the rectum doesn’t produce its own lubrication so a top-quality personal lubricant isn’t a luxury, it’s an absolute essential. Anal lube is thicker than standard lubricants, making penetration easier and far more comfortable. It lasts longer and keeps the area slippery for longer too.

All hail the butt plug! Of all the anal toys, this is the most versatile. You put it in and leave it in and continue as usual, leaving it to stimulate the nerve-endings and add erotic edge to any sex session. Upgrade to a vibrating butt plug if you like the static version: choose one with a remote control and your partner is in charge of your pleasure. Another good option: a ridged butt plug that you slowly turn once inserted.

Spice up a solo session Insert the toy anally, then masturbate as usual, to add extra dimension to whatever you’re watching onscreen.

If she’s got the toy inserted give her oral sex, play with her breasts, spank her bottom, insert your fingers, a dildo or vibrator into her vagina or have intercourse.  If he’s got the toy inserted give him a hand-job or head-job, pinch his nipples or play with his testicles.

Try a different angle. Anal probers can be angled, rocked and twisted once inserted, making them ideal for prostate play and targeting the male ‘G-spot’. Try inserting from a different angle, stand if you usually lie down or lie down if you usually bend over something.

Prep for anal intercourse Insert a butt plug and leave it there to get your bottom used to something being inserted into it. It helps train and relax your sphincter muscles in readiness for a penis.

Hot new positions Get on all fours, lie on your back with a pillow under your bottom and legs spread or squat over the toy. Or stand and bend over something (a chair, table) with your back toward your partner and let them penetrate you.

Tease or role-play Anal toys are a brilliant way to create the sense of having a third person in bed with you without the complications of having a threesome in real life.

Give teeth-chatteringly good oral Hold a vibrating anal toy against your cheek as you’re fellating him, hold it under his testicles, around the anus or press firmly on the perineum (the smooth hairless bit between his testicles and anus).

Try temperature play Soak glass butt plugs in warm to hot water for a few minutes before inserting for a unique sensation. Soak in cold water for a completely different experience (great as part of a submissive/dominant role-play scenario!)

TEAMS WELL WITH…Glass dildos: Insert the anal toy rectally, insert the dildo vaginally and role-play a hot double-penetration fantasy. Clitoral vibrators: She can have a three-way with an anal toy and dildo inserted, while using another vibe on the clitoris. Rabbit vibes: For the ultimate ‘filled up’ feeling, you can’t beat an anal toy inserted into the rectum and the shaft of a rabbit vibe inserted vaginally, with the vibrating ears left to work on the clitoris. Bondage kits: Anal toys work well for power play scenarios.