10 new ideas to get the most out of your stroker

This series of posts are designed to make sure you’re getting the most out of all the sex toys you own.

All too often they get relegated to one purpose: what they’re best for. While every sex toy does have a prime purpose, they’re all far more versatile than you think.

Here’s some fresh new ideas to help you make the most of your sex toys so you get maximum value and pleasure out of every purchase!

Masturbation sleeves, ‘love gloves’ or ‘strokers’ are a simple but ingenious invention that have revolutionised masturbation and foreplay. Some – like the one in the photo – look entirely innocent. But they’re anything but: made from soft, skin-safe TPE, the textured sleeve moulds to the shaft to stimulate the penis.

All you do is add plenty of water-based lubricant to the inside of the stroker, hold the case with one hand, slide your penis inside the sleeve and move it up and down for extraordinarily intense masturbatory sessions. 

That’s the basic technique. Now make it feel even better.

Don’t forget to add lube I know I just mentioned it, but just in case you’re the sort to just check out the headlines..the mere thought of someone using a stroker without lots of good quality lube inside it, makes me shudder. This is one sex toy that will not cut it if you use it dry. Squeeze that tube and be generous about it.

To help you last longer  Strokers imitate what it feels like being inside someone. If you practise using the stroker and can control yourself with that, you’re more likely to be able to control yourself when you’re inside your partner. Simply add lube then slide it over your penis, grip with your hand and move the stroker up and down so the whole thing moves or hold it at the base so it stays in position, and use your other hand to slide it up and down. Then masturbate as you usually do: focusing on how nice everything feels, rather than trying to distract yourself. Pay attention to signs that tell you the point before the stage it’s ‘game over’: the speed, technique, firmness of your grip and other factors that speed you up (watching porn) or slow you down (your mother-in-law’s in the house). Experiment by changing all the factors to see how each affects how long you can hold off. When you’re with your partner, you’ll then know how to slow yourself down and what’s a no-no – things that are guaranteed to make you orgasm too soon.

To liberate your sex life Just as getting a vibe out of the bedside drawer and into bed with the two of you will revolutionise your sex life, the same will happen if you liberate your stroker. If it’s see-through, your partner will love watching the sleeve slide up and down your erect penis: if you’re having trouble reaching orgasm, slip it on, use a firm grip and problem solved.

To rescue your partner’s so-so hand job  Even lacklustre hand-job techniques feel better when they’re done with a stroker; get your partner to use lots of lube and use the stroker to intensify hand simulation. If you’re in a man/man relationship, you can double the fun by doing each other with a stroker.

Mix things up Push down at the base and on the upstroke, to hold the foreskin back for more intense stimulation. Make stimulation less intense by allowing the head of the penis to completely slide out of the sleeve.

Add water A lot of sleeves are waterproof: perfect for using in the shower or bath.

Add a twist Try adding a twist with your hand as you glide up and down or alternate short, quick strokes with long, slow ones.

Add a bullet Some strokers have a pocket where you can insert a bullet vibrator. If you’ve never experienced vibration on or around your penis, you are seriously missing out!

Add some anal  Your partner can use their spare hand to simultaneously work on stimulating you anally (or tease your testicles or squeeze your nipples). Or insert a butt plug or prostate stimulator and leave in place while you use the stroker to masturbate as normal.

Wear it during intercourse Double a thin stroker so it’s half the length and wear it during intercourse as a ‘bumper’ (to stop you penetrating fully if you’re too big) or during oral sex (because they’re half size, there’s room for some mouth action).

TEAMS WELL WITHButt plugs: Insert one before a solo sex session and super-intensify your orgasm. Nipple clamps: Attach them before a solo sex session or let your partner do the job during a power play role-play. G-spot vibes: The double stimulation is ridiculously intense. Orgasm gel: Replace your ordinary lube with lube that has stimulants in it to add heat and draw blood to the head of the penis.