13 great reasons to masturbate

Not that any of us really need to justify indulging in a solo sex session, but here are 13 reasons why you should do it more, not less!

1. It feels fantastic.

2. It’s how women learn to orgasm. Of the women who have discovered how to masturbate, virtually all can masturbate to orgasm – 95 per cent of us, in fact (and some researchers put that figure even higher).

On the opposite side, if you’re a female who has never masturbated, statistics indicate it’s quite likely you’ve never had an orgasm in your life.

Pretty strong support for solo sex!

For women, masturbation is a sure way (often the only way) to discover what turns you on sexually, and unless you know how to excite yourself, you’ve got zero chance of telling your partner how to.

3. It teaches us about our own body – what turns us on, what doesn’t. Masturbation helps you identify what your basic sexual needs are and how best to satisfy them.

4. It’s the best way to show your partner what turns you on and what doesn’t. Partners can’t read minds. So get rid of that ‘If he/she truly loved me, they’d know what turns me on’ stuff right now. Body language can speak volumes and talking to each other is essential but, as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Watching each other masturbate, you see first-hand what technique you each use – the pressure and speed, how you speed it up or slow it down on approach to orgasm, how you stimulate yourself (or not) while you’re actually having an orgasm and what you do with your spare hand. All you need do then is copy each other.

Pass this onto your partner and you have a solid basis for a sizzling sex life.

5. It releases tension and helps us sleep – a secret sleeping pill without any side effects.

6. It teaches us to separate sex from love. We’re more able to distinguish sex affairs from love affairs because we realise having an orgasm doesn’t mean we’re in love.

7. If you’re single it stops you climbing the walls or sleeping with the first guy or girl you meet.

8. It’s totally safe. Zero risk of transmitting anything. At all.

9. It’s a great beauty treatment. Orgasm improves circulation, combats the effects of stress and makes your skin glow.

10. You can concentrate purely on your own pleasure without worrying about someone else.

11. The more you masturbate, the more orgasms you’ll be capable of having both with and without your partner. The more you climax, the easier it is to do.

12. Being able to give yourself an orgasm is true sexual independence.

13. It’s proof you have a great sex life. Far from being something desperate people do, the more sexually active you are, the more likely you are to masturbate, regardless of whether you do or don’t have a partner.

Kinsey, one of the original sex experts, found people who masturbated early in life led more vigorous sex lives than those who didn’t, and continued having an active sex life long past when the average person stopped.

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