20 Ways to Get Her Hot

Out to impress? Here’s 20 very racy things to make her melt – and want you more than she’s ever wanted anyone…

1. Tell her your wickedest, dirtiest thoughts about her. Whisper them close to her ear as you work on her with your hands.

2. Take her underwear shopping to a sexy lingerie store. Tell her she can pick out two sets – but only if she models 10 for you in the fitting room. The classier the store, the less likely they actually are to interrupt the ‘viewing’.

3. Shave her legs for her slowly and with meticulous care. She sits or lies on a towel, you sit beside her with a bowl of water, razor and shaving foam. Let your slippery hands glide up and down her thighs, briefly brush but don’t linger in between her legs, push her thighs open under the guise of trying to reach a certain bit, leaving her exposed. Lots of looking and caressing but no touching of the naughty bits equals one very excited girl.

4. Slide on a vibrating penis ring before penetrating her. Grip her hips to hold her close so the little vibrator stays glued to her clitoris, then grind and rock against her instead of using the traditional in-out thrust.

5. Run a frozen grape over her nipples and other erogenous zones, combining it with licks and kisses to drive her senses wild.

6. Get her to lie back naked while you run an ice-cube down her neck, around her nipples, across her abdomen

7. Get primitive. Pick her up, throw her on the bed, pull her to you and penetrate, grab a handful of hair as you’re thrusting and pull it, bite her neck and breasts. “I wish he’d just go for what he wants rather than be so tentative,” is a common female complaint. One you’ll be happy to hear!

8. Go down on her in an empty car park. She stands, you pull her knickers to one side. It’s easy to get away with if you stand between cars (and first check for sensor alarms on cars and security cameras!)

9. Push a slim vibrator or vibrating egg inside her then work on her clitoris with her tongue for an orgasm she won’t forget in a hurry.

10. Blindfold her with a soft scarf, get her to lie back and tell her she’s not to talk but she has to do everything you say. Then give her orders like ‘Open your legs’ or ‘Play with yourself’. The blindfold removes eye contact making it less embarrassing, telling her she can’t speak means she can’t argue with you or answer back.

11. Put her over your lap, pull down her panties and spank her. Alternate spanks with running your fingers between her legs, licking them first.

12. Feed her fantasy about being seduced by a workman who’s come to fix something in the house (yes, some of our fantasies really are that clichéd!). Talk her through how you’d seduce her, why she’s so hot…

13. Have sex on a rug in front of a fire.(Yup – that one too!) Ply her with alcohol, feed her sensuous treats, take her clothes off slowly, lick everywhere, take time.

14. Look at and explore every bit of her with your eyes as well as your hands. Nothing sexier than your lover obviously admiring and lusting after every inch of you, turning you over so they don’t miss a thing…

15. Send her a sext when she’s having lunch with her girlfriends. “I want to be inside you”. “I wish I was licking you right now”. If she boasts, you’ll look good. Even if she blushes and pretends it was her mother, you can bet she won’t be putting her hand up for dessert.

16. Invite her vibrator into bed with you. Ask her to show you how she uses it, then stop her before she gets too excited. (Or let her recover from the first orgasm before delivering a second.) Slide yourself inside her, then you or she hold it on her clitoris as you let loose (she’s going to come in two minutes flat).

17. Play with her on a plane under the blanket while everyone else is sleeping or engrossed in the movie.

18. Sit behind her with her naked sitting between your legs, get her to lean back and relax then reach around and play with her breasts and make lazy circles around her clitoris. (The perfect position to put suggestion No 1 into play, by the way.)

19. Double the fun with a double-action stroke that works on the G-spot and clitoris simultaneously. Insert a finger or two inside her well-lubricated vagina, curving them to hit the front vaginal wall (the bit below her tummy). Move your finger in a ‘come here’ motion while simultaneously circling her clitoris with the finger or thumb of your other hand.

20. Make her look at you as she climaxes. It’s incredibly intimate and unbelievably erotic for her to know you’re seeing her ‘orgasm face’.