20 Ways to Get Him Hard


Want some quick, easy to do ideas on how to turn on your lover? Here’s 20 X-rated suggestions that will definitely meet with his approval…

1. Snog him sexily in front of his friends. It doesn’t need to be a long one to make him look and feel like a Rock God when his friends see how much you want him.

2. Let him see you. He’s a natural voyeur so choose positions where he can see your breasts bouncing up and down, let him open your legs wide to see your vulva before giving you oral.

3. Put your fingers inside yourselfwhile he’s watching or let him insert a vibrator, a dildo or some love eggs. Men like seeing things disappear inside – and it’s not just his penis.

4. Muscle up while he’s inside you. Clench your pelvic floor muscles hard, grab his buttocks and pull him close to you. Take over the thrusting and up the speed as you lean in to give him a good, deep tongue kiss.

5. Get naked in the change room. Get him to wait outside the fitting room while you try on clothes, then invite him in after you strip off. He’s fully clothed, you’re naked – you can get away with him giving you two minutes of oral before the shop assistants get suspicious.

6. Let him know you lust after him as much as he lusts after you. “I’m never convinced she really enjoys it,” is something men tell me all the time. Make noise, move, hire a plane to stream a message across the sky – let there be no doubt!

7. Video a sex session on your phone. If you don’t want any evidence hanging around, delete it once you’ve recorded it and had a look at the results. Half the fun is performing for the camera anyway!

8. Take filthy up-close-and-personal photos. And I mean up close. (To us, it’s not pretty, to him, it’s an oil painting.) Send them at moments when he least expects them (though hopefully not when his boss is looking over his shoulder.)

9. Invest in some ‘slutty’ stuff purely for wearing at home for him. Skyscraper heels, tops slit to the navel, skirts so short you might as well just be wearing a G-string.

10. Leave the blinds up as you’re having sex. If people can see in, leave the light off and problem solved.

11. Feel him up in public. Choose a restaurant that has long tablecloths and private tables, unzip him and give him a short, discreet and delicious mini feel up.

12. Play the no panties game. It’s especially effective if you flash or tell him you’re commando in places or situations where he can’t ravish you. Go to the bathroom at that stuffy dinner party, take them off and discreetly push them into his trouser pocket when you sit back down, under cover of the tablecloth.

13. Don’t ask him for sex, just take it. Skip the niceties and grab him as he walks in the front door or gets out of the shower. Play with him until he gets hard or take him from flaccid to hard-as-nails in minutes with your mouth.

14. Make out in the back of a taxi.Angle yourselves so all the driver can see is a bit of intense snogging and you can get away with murder.

15. Do all the work. Tie him up so he couldn’t take charge even if he wanted to, tease, then jump on top, slide him inside you and go for it.

16. Tempt him at the traffic lights. Pull your skirt up, take his hand and put it between your legs or inside your top to run his hands over your breasts and nipples. (Check to make sure there’s not a bus or high lorry beside you first!)

17. The next time you’re in a bar or club choose the prettiest girl in the room and tell him exactly how you’d lure her into your bed and what you’d do with her once there. He could (of course) watch.

18. Put the rubbish out in sexy underwear or skimpy nightclothes. The thought that others might see you, but he gets to have you, appeals to his exhibitionist side.

19. Give him a hellishly good head-job in the cinema. Choose the most unpopular film you can find and go to the afternoon session.

20. Demand he orgasms by ordering him to let go and come inside you. Score extra brownie points the sluttier and dirtier you make it.

Her turn next week!