6 Signature Sex Moves to Make You Stand Out From the Crowd

6 signature sex moves to make you stand out from the crowd

Testicle teasers, hand-job hints and other killer combos. Part one of a two-part blog on signature sex moves that guarantee you won’t be forgotten in a hurry.


If you think she’s body confident and you want to up the ante during oral sex, pull back and push her legs open. Wide open. Not so wide she feels like a wishbone about to be snapped but wide enough for her to feel totally exposed.

Look down at what’s in front of you, ordering her not to move, then start masturbating yourself. It’s very smutty. Very sexy.

Even more dramatic, get her to put her legs together, hold them straight and in the air, toes pointed toward the ceiling. Push your hands against her bottom and lift her so you can lick her vulva and anus from underneath. Then let her back down, letting your hands slide to her thighs and opening them so she ends up on her back but with legs wide, wide open and still in the air, toes pointing to the ceiling.

Being ‘opened’ like this is highly erotic because it’s so ‘unladylike’ to expose herself – you’re getting a better view than she’s ever had!


If he’s uncircumcised, he’s got an inbuilt natural lubricant – the foreskin. Take a firm grip, then hitch a ride, gliding it along the shaft, rolling it up over the head and back down. If he’s circumcised, imitate that foreskin feeling by masturbating him using a silky hair scrunchie, your (pre-worn) silk panties, a stocking or even a slippery hanky (if you’re really hard up). Wrap it around the base of his penis and roll it up and down. A strand of pearls (check there are no rough edges) also works well.


Always aim to stimulate two spots simultaneously – penis/testicles, penis/anus, vagina/clitoris, clitoris/nipples etc. It ignites twice as many nerve endings and ups anticipation of what you’ll do or where you’ll go next. Most of us can masturbate ourselves to orgasm more effectively than our partners (we’ve had more practise). The reason why it feels so much better when someone else does it isn’t just because it’s less effort, it’s because their touch is (hopefully) unpredictable. Research shows men produce significantly higher levels of testosterone when being touched by someone else as opposed to themselves.


Play with them during oral sex, a hand-job and squeeze during intercourse (pull your legs up to allow yourself access). Keep the grip firm but not too tight. Try cradling them both in one hand, then circle the flat palm of the other hand over the surface. Or place your hand, palm up, under his testicles, then, with the other hand, use your thumb and index finger to make a fairly tight ring at the top of the scrotum. His testicles will then rest in your palm, neatly together. (Picture a bag of marbles with a drawstring pulled tight at the top and that’s how it would look.)

A slight downward tug feels exquisite and also smooths out the crinkly skin, making them nice and smooth to stroke. Alternate the stroking with fondling and massaging. Put both of them in your mouth together by getting him to straddle you, testicles dangling over your mouth, then circle the top with your fingers in the same ‘drawstring’ fashion. Pull them down slightly and take both of them into your mouth, then lick and lightly suck them. If you don’t fancy doing both at once, do one at a time but don’t be afraid to get your face nuzzled in there to do a proper job!


Get your partner to stand in front of a full length mirror (or catch them in the act of admiring themselves). You come in, stand behind and seduce them in front of it.

Play with their nipples, kiss their neck, run your hands over their body, remove their clothes and yours before pushing and rubbing yourself naked against their back.

At no point are they allowed to turn around or you move in front of them. Finally bring them to orgasm by putting your hands around them to deliver a hand-job they can watch. It mimics the angle they use when they pleasure themselves – and they get to gaze in fascination at what they look like when aroused and having an orgasm.


This is nicknamed (aptly) the ‘circle of heaven’. While he’s still soft, hold the base of his shaft with one hand and place the flat, lubed-up palm of the other on the head of his penis. Letting it lie sleepy and sweetly on his belly, slide the whole thing, clockwise, until it’s pointing straight down. Flatten your palm again and continue the clockwise circle, moving his penis up to the starting position. You might need to swap hands to get this to work (and it’s obviously not going to, once you achieve your aim)

Harder. Once he’s aroused, pinch the loose skin at the base of the penis, pulling the rest of it taut. It’ll be way more sensitive to your touch. (This works better if he’s uncircumcised).

Push him over the edge. If he’s taking a while to come, change your wrist action. Try letting it go limp or do the opposite and make it stiff – both affect the feel of whatever technique you’re using. Also try varying the pace. Go tortuously slow for a few strokes, then add in some fast, hard strokes for about 10 seconds before going slow again. Twist your wrist when you reach the head.

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