A millennial and a man? You’ll feel better after reading this

Own a penis?

Usually, if the answer is yes, my next line is lucky you – especially when it comes to orgasms.

Most men orgasm easily during intercourse, making couple sex one hell of a lot more satisfying.

But if you’re a millennial man, owning a penis is turning out to be a source of anxiety rather than something to be smug about.

I’m disturbed by the results of a Superdrug Online Doctor survey that found 27 per cent of millennial men have looked into ED treatments.

One in four men visiting their doctor for the first time with erection problems are now under 40.

There’s HUGE pressure on men to over-perform in the bedroom – and it’s impacting your self-esteem.

The study of 1200 Europeans and Americans is one of the first to look at men’s relationship with their erections and what they think about penis size.

Stressed is the answer to both those questions.

Or – more accurately – unnecessarily stressed.

There’s good news for all you young men feeling inadequate and anxious about your sex life.

Read on for reassurance!

Your penis really is big enough

The study found European penises are slightly bigger flaccid (not erect), with the average European penis measuring 8.9cm compared to 8.5cm for Americans.

But Americans trump Europeans when erect by a whopping .6 of a centimetre (and yes, I am being sarcastic – that’s .6, just in case it didn’t compute first time around!).

The average European erect penis measures 16.2cm, compared to 16.8cm for Americans.

Overall, 67 per cent of all the men surveyed were satisfied with their penis size.

Not so fab: nearly 28 per cent of millennials have researched ways to enlarge their penis compared to 15 per cent of baby boomers.

Before you take out a (cloth) tape measure and get to work, can I point out that these are the results of ONE study.

Believe me, there are literally hundreds and hundreds of ‘statistics’ on penis size, gleaned from everything from carefully controlled research (few) to random magazine surveys (many).

They all vary – some wildly – so use these as a rough guide not an absolute measurement.

She really doesn’t care anyway

Fact is, most women couldn’t really give a hoot about how big your willy is!

Nearly seven in 10 of the women surveyed said it isn’t important (sadly, there weren’t any stats on gay men).

Something else I bet you freak out about – losing your erection during intercourse – isn’t an issue either.

A little over half of the women surveyed said they’ve had a partner lose an erection during intercourse and they considered this perfectly normal.

A problem shared…

There is clearly enormous pressure on young men in regards both size and performance, albeit imagined.

So, who do you turn to when you want reassurance or information on penis size or performance?

A male doctor is the most preferred – 85 per cent of men feel comfortable discussing penis problems with a male GP (though only 26 per cent of men who thought they had erection issues had actually followed through and seen one about it).

Running a close second was your partner: 78 per cent talked through erection concerns with their significant other.

This last bit of research restores my faith a little.

In this porn-fuelled world – a major cause of this new anxiety, with men comparing themselves against men selected for their larger than normal penis size – honest, open communication is what will get you through!

You can take a look at the full report here.