Great sex starts at 50! (Yup, STARTS) My brand new book is out today!

Today is the publication day of my new book, Great Sex Starts at 50: How to age-proof your libido.

After writing 17 books about sex and relationships, I was seriously thinking, ‘What else can I say?”

Then I turned 50 and thought, ‘Whoa! What’s going on!?!’

I knew things happen to us sexually post 50 – I just never thought any of the negatives would happen to me!

Surely with that many books under my belt, a lifetime of talking and researching sex and being blessed with a lively libido would shield me from any horribleness ahead?

Alas, being a ‘sexpert’ doesn’t stop you from going through the menopause (damn!) or having to wrestle with other midlife issues.

My sex drive plummeted.

I used to cut my arms off to get sex pre 50. Post 50, I wouldn’t lope off a little toe!

My nerve endings went numb and my orgasms went from being powerful, mind-altering experiences to little ‘bleeps’ that hardly registered.

I found the solutions to all my problems – but it wasn’t easy.

This book reveals everything that helped me and lots more.

I interviewed hundreds of women (in person and via an online survey) and men to find out their personal experiences of sex post 50.

Their case histories are doted throughout the book (some uplifting, some depressing) along with the latest research, input from medical professionals and tons of practical tips.

Great Sex Starts at 50 is conversational. There’s no judgement, it’s practical and it’s honest. There’s lots of anecdotes and it really does answer all the stuff you’re too embarrassed to ask your friends or your partner.

I’ve aimed it at women but there’s lots of advice in there for both partners, so it’s useful for everyone on the sexuality spectrum. It’s pitched at people aged 50 or more but is relevant for anyone between the age of 45 up to however long you intend continuing leaving a lovely, sexual life.

Here’s a taster of what’s inside:

The four things that will revolutionise your sex life

How to age-proof your libido

But I don’t feel sexy anymore (how to beat a bad body image)

The motherf*cker that is menopause

I love my partner but don’t want to have sex with them anymore

Women don’t have low libidos, we’re bored!

How to have (hot) sex without an erection

Why sex toys can solve most of your problems

How to survive in a sexless relationship (not all of you will be wanting tips on how to make sex good, some will want to know how to stop having sex and still keep your partner happy)

Affairs: Yours, theirs and dealing with the fallout

Fifty-something and single

50 things you only know after 50

I absolutely loved writing this book and really hope you enjoy reading it just as much!

Great Sex Starts at 50: How to age-proof your libido (£9.99, Murdoch Books) is available to buy now from all online retailers and at all good bookshops. It is also available in ebook.