Which sex toys team well together?

Some sex toys work even better when used together while others used simultaneously are, well, a little too much stimulation.

Which combos work and which don’t? Here’s a list of what I think are perfect pairings.

While obviously pleasure is very much a personal thing, if you can see two items on the list that are both stimulation favourites for you, then it’s likely both together will be mind-blowing!

This post covers top twosomes to use to pleasure her, while the next post will look at doubling up on toys to skyrocket his experience.

(PS: Don’t forget that lube goes with just about everything!)


Dildo and vibe:

Vibrator plus dildo

Get her to sit facing you with legs spread and her bottom lifted (put a cushion underneath).

Lube up a dildo and gently insert it inside her vagina. Push in and out gently but rhythmically, being guided by her for the angle, speed and depth of penetration.

With your other hand, start working on her clitoris with a medium-size vibrator, so she experiences a blended orgasm (a combination of vaginal and clitoral).

Get her to put her hand over yours to guide you to where feels best on her clitoris.

This also works with the dildo inserted anally – and for times when his erection isn’t as hard as normal and she’s craving penetration in either orifice!

Butt plug and clitoral vibe:

Butt plug plus bullet vibrator

If you’re having solo sex, this combo works a treat!

Put some lube around the anus and on the butt plug, then press against the opening until it relaxes and the plug slips inside.

Leave it in place then pick up a vibrator that works well on the clitoris, using it as you normally would during masturbation to bring yourself to orgasm.

Your partner can turn this into a three-way by sucking on your nipples and holding the vibe in place with the plug inserted.

G-spot vibe and orgasm gel:

Orgasm gel plus G-spot vibrator

Stimulation of the front vaginal wall (home of the ‘G-spot’) produces more intense, unusual orgasms. But it can be awkward to reach the spot – one reason why G-spot vibes are so popular.

Put some lube inside her and on the vibe, then push it in gently, curving it so the bulbous end is nestling against the part of the vaginal wall that’s directly below her stomach.

Now try rocking the toy back and forth or rubbing it, quite firmly, in small circles. Be guided by her on what feels best.

Get her to hold the vibe and continue whatever motion feels best, then squeeze some orgasm gel (lube that contains stimulating substances to increase blood flow) onto your fingers and apply to the clitoris, moving into her favourite hand-job technique.

Rabbit vibe and nipple clamps:

Nipple clamps plus rabbit vibrator

The beauty of a rabbit vibrator is that it simultaneously stimulates the clitoris and provides penetration, so that’s two jobs covered by one device!

Insert the (well-lubed) shaft end of the vibrator into her vagina and position it so the vibrating ears can work on her clitoris.

Get her to hold it in place or start thrusting it in and out while you move to fondle her breasts and attach the nipple clamps. Tweak them slightly as you kiss her then take over control of the rabbit.

Anal beads and clitoral vibe:

Vibrator plus anal beads

This combo takes coordination and commitment but it’s well worth giving a try! Use the clitoral vibe to stimulate her clitoris (choose a big vibrator that’s easy to hold rather than a small bullet type that can slip out of your hands) until she’s fully aroused. Get her to hold the vibe in place while you add lube to the beads and the outside of the anus and insert them, slowly and carefully.

Get her to lie back while you take back control of the clitoral vibrator.

When you feel her about to climax, pull out the beads with your other hand for an amazing rush of pleasure.

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