On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…a brand new sex experience!

Who wants a partridge in a pear tree when you can have one of these erotic thrills!

Some inspiration for sexy gifts and treats that are a lot more interesting than dressing up as Sexy Santa.

A Christmas shopping experience I won’t forget

Remote control love eggs are the perfect tease toy. You (or your partner) slide it high into the vagina (add lube first), then hand the controls to them, grab your shopping list and off you go.

They then have complete control over how aroused you get, clicking it on and off as you meander through the shops. No-one knows what the hell you’re up to, making it even more exciting; long-range operation means it works from a distance.

My first G-spot orgasm

If he’s never had his prostate stimulated, he seriously will think all his Christmases have come at once if you invest in a vibrating prostate massager.

Start with normal anal play, inserting a well-lubed finger to relax the sphincter muscles, then gently press against the anus, waiting for it to relax before inserting.

Not only will his erection look bigger – prostate stimulation increases blood flow to his penis – the resulting orgasm is like no other.

Wonderfully pain-free penetration

Sex can hurt for many reasons – not enough foreplay or lubrication, menopausal thinning of the vaginal wall, a cervix that’s easily hit – but most scenarios are solvable.

The quickest way to make sex feel more comfortable, is to use a good-quality lubricant that doesn’t irritate (go for brands like Sliquid that are paraben free). Use lots and reapply during longer sessions.

Another great solution, if deep penetration hurts, is to add a bumper’ stroker to the base of his penis, so he can’t penetrate too far.

They’re about a third of the length of normal masturbatory sleeves – imagine a thick doughnut made of squidgy stuff – and are also great to use during oral sex (hence the ‘head stroker’ nickname).

Slip it to the base of his penis and he can’t accidentally ‘deep-throat’ you (but he’ll love the extra stimulation of you moving it up and down as you fellate him).

A threesome that didn’t backfire

Inviting another warm body in your bed can be the most exciting thing you’ve done in years – or the most disastrous.

Far safer and more sensible, in most instances, is to role-play and recreate the experience of another person by using dildos.

Glass dildos don’t just look beautiful, they’re great for temperature play as well.

Heat or cool ((in hot or cold water) and use to bring your most erotic fantasies to life.

(If you’re keen to try the real thing, you might find this blog interesting)