Say hello to my new ‘ultra-squishy’ sex toy range: a game-changer for women who find sex uncomfortable

Most of you know that, as well as write books and columns, I have two product ranges with Lovehoney.

Meet the new members of the supersex family: the ‘Soft Feel’ range.

This new range is great for:

Anyone who likes good quality sex toys that feel amazing on the skin and genitals.

Women who experience painful or uncomfortable sex.

So many women complain to me about feeling discomfort during sex, I wanted to create a range that worked especially well for you.

Painful sex affects all age groups, not just middle-aged women. There are many, many reasons why sex becomes uncomfortable and all the products in the range are ergonomically designed to take this into consideration.

They’re also made from body-safe, silky-soft silicone which feels great next to the skin.

Women and men 45+. It really is a case of ‘use it or lose it’ post 45 and these products work together to keep you satisfied sexually and to keep your genitals in good nick whether you have a partner or not.

All the products are kind to skin, rechargeable, quiet, easy to use and control, lightweight and comfortable to hold.

There are seven new products in the Supersex Soft Feel Range.

Let me introduce you:

Supersex Soft Feel Clitoral Vibrator

This is a great product for women who’ve never owned a vibrator before…or women who already own half a dozen.

First plus: look at it! Not only does it look elegant and feminine, it doesn’t look like a sex toy. So, if you’ve got nosy kids or flatmates or grandkids, you won’t be embarrassed if they stumble across it.

It’s also the perfect vibe to use with a partner who might be intimated by something phallic shaped.

You use it externally, on the clitoris, which also makes it perfect if you have any issues with vaginal dryness or lubrication which make penetration painful.

Supersex Soft Feel Bullet Vibe

A bullet vibe was one of my first ever products and they are still some of my bestsellers.

Bullets are just so versatile – you can use them anywhere and, again, they’re non-threatening to men if you want to use it in bed with your partner.

It’s powerful: you literally just hold it over the clitoris or labia and most women will climax in a flash.

If you’re a fan of starting sex ‘warm’ rather than ‘cold’ (a good habit for anyone), it’s small enough to slip into a pocket so you can disappear into the bathroom to arouse yourself, and be in the mood for sex with your partner.

They’re terrific for travel as well.

Supersex Soft Feel Wand Vibrator

Wand vibrators can ruin you for all other vibes!

They produce a unique strong, rumbling vibration and cover a big area: the result is intense, powerful orgasms.

They’re a big fan with older women (like me) who find things have got a bit numb but are also great for women who want a mild, gentle vibration because the range of vibration goes from mild to full volume.

Again, who would know this is a vibrator? It looks like a back massager and works really well as one.

Best of all, it’s lightweight and so easy to hold. The controls are simple and easy to see from different angles as well.

This might well be my favourite: though it’s got some damn fine competition in this range!

Supersex Kegel Training Set

I’ve been wanting to do something like this for ages.

I’ve got single and double kegel balls in my range, but not a training set like this.

This is a gym workout for your genitals.

Why do you need to exercise your pelvic floor muscles?

Because like everything else in your body, the more you use it, the healthier shape it’s in.

Almost every woman could benefit from doing regular pelvic floor exercises but they are particularly important post-pregnancy or post menopause.

Anything that affects the levels of the hormone estrogen, has an effect on your vagina. The lower the estrogen, the less lubricated and elastic it is.

Exercising the pelvic floor helps tackle the problem; it also helps with any incontinence issues.

There are six, weighted silicone balls in the set, which you insert high into the vagina and squeeze around to keep your pelvic floor muscles nice and toned.

You can do the exercises without using the balls but they give you something to squeeze around, to ensure you’re doing them properly, and they’re weighted, to make you work harder.

Supersex Soft Feel Love Ring

Women aren’t the only ones with sensitive skin.

This rechargeable penis ring, worn during intercourse, is super-stretchy, so easy to put on and designed not to drag.

It sits at the base of his penis to give both of you a boost during penetrative sex.

There’s a powerful vibrator built in, that you position to stimulate the clitoris during intercourse. The ring is firm enough to hold blood inside the chambers of the penis, helping to keep him harder.

If you buy one of these, the trick is to grind your pelvises in a circular motion. Don’t use the traditional thrusting method of pulling back because the vibrator needs to be in constant contact with the clitoris.

Supersex Soft Feel Rabbit Vibrator

Ah, the mighty rabbit!

Still the most well-known vibrator in the world and the most loved for lots of women.

This rabbit is slimline – not too big or wide. It’s also squidgy-soft, so it’s not irritating or uncomfortable.

If you find other rabbits too hard or too big and you’re a fan of penetration, this will work well for you.

It’s a really feminine, modern shape as well, that moulds well to your internal curves.

Supersex Soft Feel G-spot Vibrator

This is a luxury vibe, perfectly formed to reach the notoriously hard to get at G-spot.

Lots of women who find intercourse painful, still enjoy G-spot stimulation with a vibe because the technique doesn’t involve thrusting the toy in and out.

If you loved Rabbit vibes but now find them too large, try this for a slimline ‘downsize’ version.

The double layer of silicone makes for ultra-easy insertion and it’s also the perfect size to use with a partner to stimulate the clitoris during intercourse. Not so big, it’s intrusive. Not so small, you lose your grip at a crucial moment.

So, lots there to choose from! I’m really proud of this range. I hope you enjoy the products as much as I enjoyed designing them.