The perfect sexy present for every stage of your relationship

Want to slip a little something in your partner’s stocking that’s naughty rather than nice?

Fantastic idea! Except…what if they find the toy you’ve chosen a little too out there rather than wildly exciting? Will he be offended? (Is this a hint that I should last longer? Be bigger? Feel tighter?) Will she think she’s boring in bed and that’s why you’ve bought something to spice things up?

Happily, there is a way to navigate all these hot spots and guarantee you’ll be doing more than watching Christmas rom-coms once the relatives have finally buggered off!


For her: Supersex massage oil Absolutely no-one’s offended at the prospect of a nice, sensual massage, so this one’s 100% safe but with an acceptably saucy hint at naughtiness.

For him: Supersex sensation stroker (clear) Granted, this isn’t one for him to open in front of Aunt Martha but if he’s never owned a male masturbator – which is what a stroker is – he will think this is the best present he has ever had in his life! He can use it solo to begin with then you can use it on him during foreplay: simply slide it over an erect penis and move it up and down. (Throw in some Supersex water-based lube so he can use it that night: you can’t use the stroker without water-based lube inside it.)

For both of you: The Supersex sex position card deck. If you’re thinking it’s a little too early for a sex toy present, how about a fun card game with a card that says ‘For us!’? This is a set of position cards that are divided into ten different categories that suit any and all sex scenarios. The couple illustrated are naked but the photos aren’t explicit.


For her: Sneak a peek into her bedside drawers and see what you find in there. Chances are she’ll have one of two styles of vibrators: a bullet vibe (tampon size or slightly bigger) or a rabbit (quite large with vibrating ‘ears’ that tease the clitoris). Does it look like she needs a brand-new version of either? The Supersex bullet vibrator is powerful, portable and affordable.  If you want a more luxurious version, check out the Supersex powerful rechargeable bullet vibrator.

You think she’s a rabbit fan? Treat her to the Supersex rechargeable rabbit vibrator. (Or check out the clever Supersex rabbit ears clitoral vibrator. Lots of women turn their rabbits around and just use the ‘ear’ part. This means you aren’t paying for part of a product she doesn’t actually use!)

You found nothing in there at all? Either she’s good at hiding things or maybe hasn’t yet discovered the joys of a clitoral vibrator. In this case, splash out on the Supersex powerful rechargeable clitoral vibrator. It doesn’t look like a sex toy, so it’s non-threatening and discreet. It fits comfortably into her hand, works a treat on the clitoris and is a classy, elegant toy.

For him: A love ring that he wears around the base of his penis during intercourse is a good starter sex toy for couples. The card should read, “I thought this would be fun for us to try”. It’s also a gentle way to start a conversation about how 80 per cent of women DON’T orgasm purely through penetration. All you need to do is say, “I love having you inside me and I love my vibrator so I thought we couldn’t really go wrong with this one!” The ring has a little vibe attached to it, that you position against the clitoris. Get him to use a grinding motion to maintain contact throughout. There are love rings aplenty to choose from in both my Edge and Supersex ranges, but I’d highly recommend the Supersex rechargeable vibrating love ring.

For both of you: Kits are fantastic value – and the Supersex couple’s kit is even more so. You get a vibrating love ring, remote control egg and a rabbit ears vibrator to supersex your sex life in a snap!


For her: Grab her a bottle of the Supersex orgasm gel. She puts a drop or two on her clitoris, you continue foreplay as usual (or she masturbates as usual) and wait for the delicious tingles to begin. The gel intensifies sensations and makes for rather fabulous, different-feeling orgasms.

For him: Have you tried anal play? Does he lift his bottom rather hopefully towards your hand or tongue when it drifts in that direction? Have you gone as far as inserting fingers but then just…stopped?

The Supersex rechargeable vibrating butt plug is a good starter toy. It works to stimulate the male G-spot – the prostate gland. Believe me, if he’s got one of these inserted and you’re giving him oral sex at the same time, you’ll be anything but bored! If he unwraps it and looks horrified, all is not lost. You can return any of the toys in my ranges for a full refund. Or repurpose and use it anywhere you would normally use a vibrator – on the clitoris, nipples and anywhere else that takes your fancy.

For both: The Supersex glass dildo set has your names on it. You can use them to massage all over the body but also to venture into anal play and temperature play. They’re gorgeous to look at as well!


For her: Most couples settle into a routine around two years into the relationship which revolves around sure-thing scenarios like oral orgasms for her and intercourse orgasms for him. Time to explore her front vaginal wall – one big ‘G-spot’ – with a Supersex rechargeable G-spot vibrator. Write “Because I think you’re the sexiest woman alive” on the note.

For him: If you know he likes anal, turn it up a few delicious notches with the Supersex vibrating butt plug. This powerful, vibrating massager works on the prostate to produce firm erections and potent, startling orgasms.

For both: You’ll never be bored again with the Supersex bondage and toy kit. This unique kit combines a vibrator, cuffs and restraints to provide everything you need for a highly erotic tie-up session. Power play is a low-effort, fun way to shake up a stale, routine sex life and guaranteed to become your go-to favourite sex game.


For her: How about an anal prober? The Supersex silicone beaded anal prober is easy to insert, curves to the contours of the body – and gets explosive results if you pull out just before orgasm.

For him: He’s open to new experiences and brave? How about a pegging kit? ‘Pegging’ refers to a woman penetrating her male partner with a strap-on dildo though this kit is perfect for anyone who’s into penetrative sex – vaginal or anal – and enjoys switching traditional roles. The Supersex rechargeable remote control strapless strap-on vibrator flips the traditional dynamic on its head for a sex session that’s hugely arousing.

For both: The Edge good head mini stroker might not look that exciting but it’s so versatile! If penetrative sex is painful, wear it as a ‘bumper’ during intercourse to stop full penetration. Pop it on before giving him oral sex and you’ll double the stimulation and won’t have to take him so deep in your mouth. Or use it as you would any stroker – to enhance solo sex sessions or a hand-job.