Six ways to sex up a boring bedroom

Sex in a bog-standard bedroom is a yawn.

Sex in an erotic, exotic playroom is more of a turn on than that recurring fantasy of your favourite celebrity walking into your bedroom just as you’re reaching in that bedside drawer…

Ok, so adding a spectacular view like this one isn’t within most of our budgets.

But there are some simple things that make all the difference when it comes to sexing up the room in your house that most of us (shame on us!) still have the most sex.

Soundproof it

Whether it’s kids, flatmates or your mother when she comes to stay, you need to be able to relax and let loose.

Heavy curtains and carpets soak up sound.

A less expensive but still effective option is to put Alexa or some kind of speaker by the bed or the door.

Music masks all sorts. Your phone usually isn’t loud enough though your tablet or laptop probably are, so that’s another option.

Get the lighting right

Who wants to bare their bod under lets-highlight-all-your-worst-bits bright, department store style lighting?

For the most flattering light, light from below or at eye level. Invest in some soft lamps or lights that have dimmers on them or put dimmers on the overhead ones, to match whatever mood you’re in.

A simple, quick fix in the meantime: put tea-lights on saucers on the floor (though best to keep them a safe distance from bedcovers or enthusiastically thrown bras, knickers or boxers).

Add a mirror

Mirrored wardrobe doors can be angled to provide good views of the bed.

Too expensive or quite happy with your doors as they are?

A full length portable mirror is a great sex prop. Move it into position to capture whatever is taking your fancy at the time.

Make a toy chest

Massage oil, stockings and scarves for tie-up, sleep masks from your last plane flight to act as a blindfold, lubricant, condoms, dress-up clothes, vibrators and other sex toys: all belong in the bedroom.

Buy a big storage basket that you can shove under the bed or in a cupboard and add at least one new item every two months.

Check your bed

A firm bed makes for better sex and with new, way cheaper beds-in-a-box, it’s probably not going to break the bank to fork out for a new one if yours is long overdue replacing.

Clean, fresh, good quality sheets lure you to lie naked on them; firm cushions are a must for putting under hips, supporting limbs or making other places around the house sex friendly.

Add a spot of luxury

You can’t help but want to touch silk, satin, velvet or fluffy materials.

Whether it’s your bedspread, cushions, wallpaper or a gorgeous bathrobe, adding something luxurious in texture brings out the hedonist in all of us – and reminds us of being in a hotel room.

What do most people get up to in hotel rooms?

Have sex of course!