The 17 most popular places to have sex How many can you tick off?

As the clocks go back and it gets colder and darker, all of us become less adventurous about where we have sex.

The good news is, it’s not just your bed that works in winter.

Here’s a round-up of the most popular places to have sex, to lure you out from under that duvet and back into more adventurous sex.

Only four of these locations rely on good weather, so get to it! And the first doesn’t require any effort at all…

In bed

This wins first place as the most popular location to have sex in almost all surveys of couples world wide – and probably always will – for obvious reasons.

Bed is where we sleep, you’re both semi or completely naked, it’s convenient, it’s cosy and a big, flat comfortable surface makes nearly all intercourse positions achievable.

On the sofa

Seventy-eight per cent of us now have sex regularly in our lounge room: it’s the place to be for the Netflix and chill generation.

Meanwhile, the over 30s are binging on raunchy box sets, turning each other on as well as the telly.

In the shower

Like all the top choices, the shower ticks the convenience box but – probably because waterproof mascara is never that waterproof – is more popular with men than women.

The car

More than half of all Americans have had sex in a car (60 per cent to be precise, according to The Journal of Sex Research).

Jumping into the back seat is popular with us Brits as well but given American cars tend to be bigger and roomier, it’s probably a lot more comfy State side!

The washing machine on the spin cycle

Any woman who owns a sex toy has visualised the washing machine on spin as a seat size vibrator. The laundry is also a favourite for parents with young children whose bed has been invaded, turning it into a no-sex zone.

In water

The appeal is obvious: you’re usually on holidays (so relaxed), have a tan (so feeling body confident) and lying half naked on the beach or near a pool (so visually stimulated).

Even so, you’re probably better off having foreplay in that swimming pool, hot tub or the sea than doing the deed.

Water dries up natural lubrication, it’s a breeding ground for bacteria and hot tub sex often leads to irritations, urinary tract and yeast infections.

On the kitchen bench

The kitchen isn’t just the place where everyone ends up at a party, it’s often where couples feel the closest.

Most of us chat most when we’re having a glass of wine and cooking dinner so it’s not surprising making that sauce turns into you both doing something saucy.

And that bench happens to be just the right height.

In a tent

There’s a festival to suit every taste and age group these days which means more and more of us are ending up sleeping in tents – often more than a little tipsy or high.

In the office

Plenty of us have ended up doing more than photocopying our bottoms when the bosses have disappeared for the day – especially after the Christmas party or a few (hundred) after work drinks.

You pop back into the office to pick up your things and there’s the boss’s desk, looking oh-so-inviting…

In your childhood bedroom

About 65 per cent of us have had sex in our childhood bedroom.

It taps into a teenage mindset when hormones were raging and sex was something forbidden and highly appealing.

On a plane

Less of us join the ‘Mile High Club’ than you think.

It’s a favourite in films (where everyone seems to travel first class) but, not surprisingly, less likely to happen in a crowded economy cabin with screaming babies, everyone watching back-to-back movies and queasy tummies from eating all that rubbish food.

Plus, have you seen the lighting in there?


In a lift

Not for the faint-hearted, this is all about split second timing and the ability to brazen it out if someone catches you in the act. There’s a high chance you’ll be caught on camera but also highly likely you won’t be around by the time they find out. (Making your own apartment lift or office lift not the best idea you’ve had.)

At a party

I’m talking a big ‘do’ rather than cosy dinner party with a few friends who are going to notice you both disappearing.

In this scenario, quite a few of us have locked ourselves in the loo, got it on in the bedroom designated for coats or found a secret posy where you can see the rest of the party but they can’t see you.

In the changing room of a shop

Big chain stores have young shop assistants who’ve been there, done that and able to spot the horny couple at ten paces but in older, less busy, less staffed places it’s quite possible and believable to be in there helping your partner make a choice. Unlikely you’ll get away with full penetration but some cunning foreplay is totally achievable.

On the football field

Not so popular in the UK but scoring on the pitch is a rite of passage for plenty of US university students.

On the train

The Night Tube might turn up some new statistics on this one but getting away with it on a train isn’t as easy as you think.

Those pesky conductors have a habit of doing their rounds when you least expect it.

In a row boat

The numbers are small and there’s a risk of capsizing but those who’ve done it say it’s easier and a lot more private than you think.