What do women need to know to give men want they want?

Think guys have it easy because they can orgasm easier than we can? Think again. Men aren’t the sex robots we think they are.

Part 1 of this blog talked about what’s going on inside their head (their fears, libido, how they feel when you give them instructions in bed and why dirty sex is important). Part 2 focuses on the physical: his obsession with size, hand job techniques he’ll love and what to do with his testicles!

Part 2 focuses on the physical: his obsession with size, hand job techniques he’ll love and what to do with his testicles!


Methinks you’ve figured this one out all by yourself. Every time a woman looks in the mirror and asks herself, ‘Do I look fat in this?’, a man looks downward and wonders ‘Am I big enough?’. The ‘official’ length of an erect penis is hotly contested (perhaps because so many of the people measuring care so much) but an accepted average is five and a half inches (with the range spanning 5 to 7 inches). A flaccid penis comes in (ahem) at around 3.7 inches (ranging between 2 to 4).

Interestingly, since width is what women see as more significant (nearly all the sensitive nerve endings are in the first inch of the vagina and a wider penis touches more of the walls), there’s far less contention over this one.

The diameter of a flaccid penis is around 1.25 inches, erect he swells to 1.6. His penis is all grown up by the time he turns 17, by the way, and while you actually can’t predict how big he’ll be by looking at his nose, hands or feet, whipping down Dad’s trousers might do the trick since heredity and genetics do appear to influence penis size.

What’s also true is the ‘shower’ (bigger than the rest when unexcited, hence the desire to show it off in the gym locker room) or ‘grower’ (catches up when he is aroused) theory.

It is indeed true that you can’t tell how big he might be erect by looking at him flaccid.

The longest penis recorded in history was 13 inches – and that’s just the external bit.

Just like the clitoris, a lot of the penis is out of view, running internally back toward the pelvic bone.

This is why pressing his perineum feels great – you’re massaging his inner penis.

The reason why I’m arming you rather than him with all this information, is that you’re the one left with the job of reassuring the man who feels less than adequate.

Most men way over estimate the average size, few realise one-size-fits-all because vaginas are elastic.


We all know no-one can give him a better hand job than he can himself. Which is why you absolutely must make him show you what technique and stroke he uses to masturbate.

Pay particular attention to where he positions his hand at the start – that’s the trick to replicating what he does.

A common male masturbation technique is for him to form a ring with his thumb and index finger and put it around the coronal ridge – the bit where the head meets the shaft – pulling it down to the base and then back up.

Other guys will wrap their whole hand around the shaft at the base and slide it up and down in a loose fist, squeezing harder towards the top and letting their thumb give a cheeky flick as it glides past the frenulum.

Use lube – not so much that there’s no friction, but enough to keep things nice and slippery.

Don’t let him rush you – you set the pace rather than let him thrust and keep the strokes slow to start with.

Squeeze harder than you think you should. As a general rule, what you think would hurt him feels good his end.

Maintain a nice even rhythm but mix up the strokes a little, keeping some of them short and others long, remembering the firmer and more rhythmic you are, the quicker he’ll usually orgasm.

As a general rule, keep your grip loose for fast strokes and tighten it for slower ones.


Ninety percent of the male hormone testosterone originates in the testicles before it enters the bloodstream and travels through the body. The left testicle, by the way, hangs lower and is larger than the right in about 75% of men because the left one descends first during birth.

They also don’t sit perfectly balanced because it would be painful – damn near impossible actually – for him to walk comfortably.

The testes hang outside the body and bob up and down towards your crotch depending on the temperature. It’s hard work being a testicle – they’re constantly trying to stay at the perfect temperature to produce healthy sperm!

Sensitivity varies individually about as much as it does in female breasts. Some men pay people to put weights on their testicles and stretch them so far, they practically hit their knees. Others run a two minute mile in one, if you so much as stroke a tentative finger.

Some men like you to play with the testicles, weighing them in a palm and gently squeezing or taking them into your mouth. Other guys find it irritating or only mildly sexy. No other way for it but to test the waters or open your mouth to ask!

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