What’s the difference between a butt plug and a prostate massager?

I’ve had a few people ask me this, so thought it was worth explaining.

The main difference is that a butt plug is inserted and left. It stays in place, inserted into the anus, while you keep on having sex – oral, intercourse, whatever you fancy.

The plug sits there innocently stimulating the highly sensitive nerves inside the rectum, making stimulation of any other bits feel more intense. Women like it during intercourse because they feel more ‘filled up’.

A butt plug looks like a short, fat penis that’s eaten too much, with a flared base. You can buy vibrating butt plugs but again, once they’re in, they stay in.

A prostate massager is usually moved around to stimulate the prostate.

There are many different types and shapes but most resemble a penis with a bend or curve in it. They look a lot like a G-spot vibrator because they’re designed for the same thing: to stimulate the male ‘g-spot’ which is the prostate gland. Lots have an extra ‘bit’ that stimulates the perineum as well. (So part of the toy is inserted into the rectum, another part sits between his legs).

Some prostate massagers vibrate, others don’t.

As with any anal play, it’s inserted once he’s aroused, you need to use lots of lube and you need to have warmed him up with your finger beforehand.

The prostate is about three inches inside the rectum and is a small ridged spot about the size of a kidney bean. If it’s a vibrating toy, you can just rest it on the spot or you can try rocking it. Keep stimulating his penis at the same time.

Sounds interesting?

I have to say a lot of men say prostate stimulation produces the most intense, powerful orgasm they’ve ever had. I’d highly recommend trying it.

I do both a non-vibrating butt plug and vibrating butt plug in my supersex range.

The Lovehoney Rocks Off comes highly recommended for those wanting to explore prostate play. If you’re already a convert, the Nexus Revo Intense isn’t cheap but apparently worth the investment.