When in the month do most women feel like having sex?


There’s a misconception about male and female sex drives.

Men are supposed to get an erection putting a coin in a vending machine, women are supposed to feign a headache the second we glimpse a bulge in your jeans.

Both are wrong. Our sex drives differ but it’s more in when and why we feel like sex.

Because of hormones, women feel like sex lots at certain times of the month and less (or not at all) at others. Men’s sex drives tend to be more consistent and more spontaneous.

This is the reason why a lot of men feel confused when they get completely different reactions from their partner when they instigate sex at different times during the month.

We’re built differently.

Men feel aroused, then instigate sex because of it. The female sex drive is more stimulative: we might not feel like sex at all but once we start having it, desire kicks in.

We are well up for sex and doing filthy, filthy things at a particular time in our monthly cycles. But consider so much as a tongue in our mouths highly offensive and possibly repulsive at others.

(It also means it’s worth tentatively instigating sex on ‘sort of interested’ days because we might perk up after some skillful and tactfully timed foreplay.)

It’s all down to hormones, basically – and this is why keeping an erotic diary of her moods and where she’s at in her cycle is a very good idea.

The following is a rough guide to what could be on the cards but for a more accurate assessment, both or one of you keep track at how she fits into this as an individual.

Then use it as a guide to decide if suggesting sex is a good idea – or a very bad one.

Day 1-11

Day one is the first day of her period. Most women aren’t keen on ‘period sex’, others are totally up for it.

The week after it’s over (day 6-11), forget it. Her hormones are more interested in ensuring the lining of her uterus is nicely prepped for the arrival of your semen.

Remember, Mother Nature’s interested in pleasure and pregnancy!

Day 12 – 16

Prime seduction time! This is her most fertile period, which also makes it the horniest.

The days before and during ovulation (usually 14 to 16) are the days to suggest anything a bit out there you want to try because the combination of high levels of estrogen, testosterone and lots of slippery cervical fluid combine to skyrocket her libido.

Day 17 to 28

Estrogen drops after day 17 but progesterone climbs, so lots of women get a second rush of lust.

Ravish her around day 20 because it’s around day 22 or 23 that PMT (or what turns my lovely girlfriend into She Devil) kicks in. And you don’t want to be making any unwanted advances then, do you? Her period kicks in a few days later and the whole thing starts again.

A word of warning for those already marking dates on the calendar. This assumes her menstrual cycle (when she gets her period) is 28 days. It’s a magic average – not a crystal-ball prediction.

Having said that, it should give you a clue as to what the hell is likely to be going on in her groin (and her head).

If she’s on the Pill, the hormonal fluctuations aren’t usually as noticeable, though on the upside, she (should be) less moody!