20 new things to do in bed this weekend

Everyone knows you need to try new things to keep your sex life fresh and interesting…but what if you can’t think of any?

Worry not! I’ve come to the rescue with 20 simple ideas to jog your memory of the stuff you used to get up to at the beginning. Remember those days? When you both made an effort?

Buy some new sex toys. Try buying a ‘kit’. They’re a cheap way to try out new toys without making a huge investment.

Tie each other up. I bet you did this right at the start and haven’t done it since! It’s one of those ideas that people go, ‘Oh that’ but actually haven’t done ‘that’ for ages. Do it. It’s fun. Use a pair of old stockings or tights, sit them on a chair, tie their hands together or their feet and tease them mercilessly.

Act out some fantasies. Or create one together. Write one sentence of a fantasy or sexy scene and text it to your partner. They add a sentence and send it back and you keep going back and forth. It’s a great way to come up with a fantasy that appeals to both of you because you both have equal input into it!

Try anal play. You’ll find a guide here.

Start ‘forbidding’ certain things – no intercourse for a month, no oral sex. It’s great for breaking you out of your sex routine. Most couples do the same thing, every single time. This forces you to change.

Try temperature play Drip candle wax on your partner’s bottom. Run an ice-cube over their nipples. Drink a hot or cold drink before giving oral sex.

Try some new oral sex positions. Get him to do it sideways. Perch yourself on the kitchen bench. Straddle their face.

Do it in different places around the house. On top of the washing machine. Pretend you’re on a plane and joining the mile high club and do it in the loo.

Have sex in complete darkness. Or blindfold each other. When we’re robbed of one sense, it heightens all the others.

Be each other’s sex slave for a day. They get to order you around and you aren’t allowed to complain. Give them a bit of warning rather than spring it on them at the last moment. Nothing worse than being all psyched up for a day of subservience as a slave and your partner looking at you and saying, ‘What would YOU like to do?’

Have take-in-turns sex . In most sessions, couples try to even things up. You give them oral, they give you oral etc. Next time, take turns at being ‘giver’ and ‘taker’ and stop feeling guilty when you’re the taker.

Make a sex video or take sexy photos of each other. You’ll find a guide on how to make yourselves look as hot as hell here.

Have sex in semi-public. A public loo where you can lock the door and is a bit out of the way. In your car. In a field under a blanket. The threat of possibly being caught revs things up nicely.

Have a bath together, sipping champagne. Then watch porn together or a sexy film or TV series

Have a masturbating competition. The first person to finish and have an orgasm wins a prize. Make it good.

Wear heels to bed. Buy some great new lingerie. It makes you feel sexier and more confident and most partner love it when you make an effort.

Give a massage – a proper one with oil and fluffy towels. Wear high heels and gorgeous lingerie or, if you’re a bloke, your sexiest Calvins. Start off innocently – doing back and shoulders – get naughtier as you go on. You can touch them, they can’t touch you.

Try for a g-spot orgasm. Cheat with a G-spot vibe which is curved to hit the spot or find it with your fingers. There’s a guide on how to find it on my website.

Have a rude food session. Spread cream, honey, chocolate mousse over their bits and lick them off.

Give them two minutes worth of oral sex just before they walk out the door to go somewhere. Putting a time limit on things ups the tension and keeps you both ‘simmering’ – anticipating pleasure.